Saturday, August 30, 2014

Victoria Poleva - Langasm, Null, Nenia

Here she is again. This strange mixture of minimalism and Scriabinesque grandiosity. Like most contemporary music, you will either warm to it or dislike it. 

Langsam revisits the world of Mahler III's last movement – a world frequently revisited since Mahler himself, who revisited the movement when he came to write the concluding adagio of his ninth symphony. And, indeed, the chain of reference goes back further, because Mahler, in his third symphony, was revisiting the work of his fellow-student Franz Rott, who wrote one wonderful symphony before succumbing to paranoid schizophrenia. Mahler had re-used elements of Rott's symphony in his third symphony, and would carry these elements forward to his ninth. In Poleva's Langsam you will recognise, too, a strange emotional world that seems to haunt the former Soviet Union - not nostalgia, or something as straightforward as melancholy. It has a sort of numbness, a glassiness that is hard to put into words, and which I for one cannot put an exact word to.

The remaining works keep the pace up. I wonder how I feel about Poleva. I was going to write that she was a composer for a certain mood, a certain time of day and life. But then, so are most composers. The only composer I know of who is welcome at any time, in any place in my life is Mozart. 

Once again, I am not sure about the performer details for these live recordings, but web searches point to Sirenko as the conductor, which makes it likely that the orchestra is the Ukraine NSO. The sound quality is good this time - 320kbs. 

Victoria Poleva (1962)
«Langsam» for orchestra (1992 / Ed. 2009)
«Null» for symphony orchestra (2006)
«Nenia» for violin and orchestra (2004)
National symphony orchestra of Ukraine, Volodymyr Sirenko (conductor)

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  1. Thanks to you I know a new interesting composer. fantastic !!!

  2. Hello,

    May I thank you for all your hard work and dedication in posting all the beautiful music during 2014.

    It is very much appreciated.

    All the very best for the Festive Season and in 2015.


    Douglas (UK)