Friday, May 30, 2014

Jen Lisiecki playing Chopin Preludes and loving it

It's that accomplished young pianist again. A whole Chopin recital, including the Préludes, played with the wisdom and clarity that lives, I think, inside every teenager, if they would only relax and let it happen. 

There's a funny moment during the préludes where the audience gets an attack of premature applause. Lisiecki pulls their leg about it, then sets off again with only a few seconds needed to recover his focus.

He was interviewed during the interval and asked by the interviewer why he seemed so relaxed as he played. "I'm doing something I love doing" was his reply. 

But make no mistake: the relaxation is in no way linked with a lack of engagement – just have a listen!

Grande Valse Brillante Op 18
24 Préludes, op 28
3 Nocturnes Op 9
3 Waltzes Op 64
Andante spianato et grande polonaise, op.2
Encore - Norturne in C sharp minor Op Posth

Live from the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 26th May 2014

A wonderful recital from this very gifted pianist. The audience applauds prematurely, and I have left in place his amiable quip. 

Radio 4, 192 kbs, mp3, tracked and tagged losslessly

And I've given up on Rapidshare. I'll transfer the other files over time.

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  1. This incredible blog still lives! And what a fantastic gift you've offered this time. Along with the other Lisiecki shared here - the Verbier - we have opportunities to hear a promising young artist in a greater variety of works. Deepest thanks for all your posts and several incomparable gems contained therein.

    1. Well thank you! Things have been a bit eventful in the real life of this blogger, but I am back with a renewed commitment to practising (Mozart and Haydn) and to listening. It is these things, after all, that restore the damage that accumulates in life.

  2. He is so talented !!! Virtuoso but very personal and always musical: THX so much !!!!!

  3. The link to his Verbier concert does not work anymore.......could you pls fix it ?? Many thanks.....

    1. centuri - thanks for dropping by! Links to verbier concert now fixed