Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tomoko Mukaiyama - Première of Raskatov's new piano concerto

Tomoko Mukaiyama is a maverick - pianist, performance artist, composer and generally interesting person. Her 1990s work often featured her in states of undress which may have distracted from the fact that she was performing really interesting contemporary repertoire and that she was an excellent pianist. I am glad to see that she hasn't faded away, of even become dull, but is still active and inventive. And, as you can see, still has a taste in clothes that is far more interesting than the cutesy neoteny of Yuja Wang

And so to the upload. Raskatov hadn't made much of a blip on my radar until now, but I do like this concerto. Its half-hour length consists of 12 episodes (the butterflies of the title). The overall result is, I am glad to say, pianistic, engaging and diverse. 

Raskatov, Alexander Mikhailovich (1953)
- Piano Concerto "Night Butterflies" (2013) - World Premiere
Residentie Orkest, Reinbert de Leeuw, 
Tomoko Mukaiyama, Piano

Recorded live 11-May-2013 in the Dr. Anton Philipszaal, Den Haag

Radio 4 internet stream, live
192kbs mp3, tagged losslessly


  1. Thank you very much for this very interesting post! A new name on my agenda - and a great concert!
    Btw, could you, please, reupload Angela Hewitts Goldbergs?
    Thank you,

    1. Drat. Didn't know they were gone, but they are. Will locate and reupload.

  2. What a fascinating piece! Filled with unique textures, and very engaging as a whole, despite the short length of its episodes. I love hearing a new contemporary concerto, and this hits the spot. Fantastic upload, much thanks!