Thursday, November 15, 2012

Valentina Lisitsa - Rachmaninoff Concerto 2 SOLO!

Now that Valentina Lisitsa has brought out the Rachmaninoff second concerto, people are going to be stampeding around the internet trying to find a bootleg. Well, good readers, this isn't it! 

This is actually the piano part of the concerto, without the orchestra. And it's simply extracted from YouTube videos. I like it, though, because you get to hear the piano part without the orchestra (I know this concerto so well I can hear a phantom orchestra playing anyhow!). And the playing is wonderful! Lyrical far more often than rhetorical, with the technical difficulties of the music playing second fiddle to the musical argument. 

The sound is pretty good considering this is just 128kbs mp3. Please bear with the awful sound of the bass octaves early in the first movement. There is, you realise, a limit to what you can encode at 128 kbs! 

So enjoy, and go out and buy the concerto. It's good!

Download from Rapidshare


  1. The second set of your download is the second set..from Brahms Piano-Concert No1 ;)
    Hopefully you will find the missing part..

  2. Antipodean BruceJune 30, 2013 at 3:07 AM

    Yes I really would like to hear the Rach2 piano part without the orchestra. Thanks for generally sharing your enthusiasm! It helps me get more from the music.