Friday, November 16, 2012

Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Mihaela Ursuleasa : Duo Recital 2011

A wonderful opportunity to hear two great and original musicians. 

I would like to quote Patricia Kopatchinskaja's tribute to her friend and partner Mihaela Ursuleasa, who died tragically last August. 

She wrote:

It is said that friendship is one soul in two bodies.
We were like sisters. In all directions of life and during every astonishing ramification of our fates we were for many years ear, heart and inspiration to each other. And in need I could always count on your unselfish and generous support.
Your sound, your refinement, your aura, your awesome presence, your tenderness, your freedom without any mannerisms, your poetry and intelligent phrasing will always shine in my memory.

I always felt that you are a wild cat at the piano, a real wonder when we played together. You knew when I breathed, you knew every inch of my bow, I still see your hands and know exactly when they will touch the keys.

Our tears when we first played Enescus third sonata, the silence thereafter which said so much, – we shared the same homeland.

What are you doing now? Are you playing with Furtwängler? Will you fall in love with Chopin or Liszt? Will you talk philosophy with Nietzsche during breakfeast? And with whom will you play chamber music, – with Genette Neuveu… or Paganini?
You were like an incredible firework. We will not forget how you could serve jokes, your unique laugh, or when you spoke like Donald Duck. And we will not forget your heavenly „spaghetti al limone“ whose secret recipe you once snatched from a Roman chef. Will you now cook for Bartok?

You were so funny, and we had such a good time together.Thank you for having lived your life with us and for having given us so many magical moments. Your friends will provide support and care for your charming small daughter.

It is said that friendship is one soul in two bodies. From now on I will miss a part of my soul forever.

Patricia Kopatchinskaja (Link to her original posting)

You can hear the Enescu in this concert, recorded in Bucharest in 2011. It's a very special performance! And as for the Falla – enough electricity to light a small town!

Bartók : Romanian Folk Dances, Sz. 56, BB 68
Bartók : Rhapsody No. 2, Sz. 89 and 90, BB 96
Enescu : Violin Sonata No. 3 in A minor dans le caractère populaire roumain, Op. 25 (1926)
Falla : Polo (Siete Canciones Populares)
Kancheli : "Rag-Gidon-Time" for violin and piano (1995)

Recorded 18-09-2011 in Bucharest, Broadcast 14 Nov 2012, Radio 4 Netherlands
Radio 4 Internet stream, mp3 192 kbs, tracked and tagged losslessly
And I'm sorry: I turned the poor old Polo into a chicken…

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Valentina Lisitsa - Rachmaninoff Concerto 2 SOLO!

Now that Valentina Lisitsa has brought out the Rachmaninoff second concerto, people are going to be stampeding around the internet trying to find a bootleg. Well, good readers, this isn't it! 

This is actually the piano part of the concerto, without the orchestra. And it's simply extracted from YouTube videos. I like it, though, because you get to hear the piano part without the orchestra (I know this concerto so well I can hear a phantom orchestra playing anyhow!). And the playing is wonderful! Lyrical far more often than rhetorical, with the technical difficulties of the music playing second fiddle to the musical argument. 

The sound is pretty good considering this is just 128kbs mp3. Please bear with the awful sound of the bass octaves early in the first movement. There is, you realise, a limit to what you can encode at 128 kbs! 

So enjoy, and go out and buy the concerto. It's good!

Download from Rapidshare