Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bruckner 8 - Donald Runnicles (Proms 2012)

I first got to know Donald Runnicles' Bruckner when I brought his eight to Cambodia, where I was doing field work. It quickly became my habit to listen to half of this mighty work each evening before bed. It seemed to me that Runnicles really had the measure of this vast score. Detail was never missed, but was never allowed to obscure the overall sense of direction. 

Here he is, live from the Proms, conducting the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall. The edition is the Nowak edition of 1955. And the playing is stunning. 

MPEG audio VBR, about 232 KBS

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  1. What no comments?! A fine performance, satisfying and certain, though occasionally I hoped for a little more. But a big THANK YOU to Runnicles for the last few notes coming fast and decisively, instead of that sudden slowing (aiming at portentous?) you hear so often. I always dread listening to Beethoven 6 for the same reason, a good or great performance damaged at the very last hurdle. Not so on this occasion. Thanks for the opportunity to catch it!

    1. I share your astonishment! I don't look for love letters, but I am surprised that more people don't remark on this very fine conductor. He really 'gets' Bruckner 8, doesn't he!

      Glad you are enjoying it.