Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Valentina Lisitsa - Chopin Studies

Valentina Lisitsa's triumphant sell-out concert at the Royal Albert Hall marked the comeback of a pianist whose career had apparently languished terminally five years ago. Concert engagements had dried up, her manager had died and she was seriously considering applying for a job as a newsreader with a Ukranian TV channel! Indeed, she gave a humorous and sometimes moving account of these dark days before beginning her concert. 

Now, of course, thanks to YouTube she has become one of the internet's best-loved young pianists. And she has a recording contract from Decca.

Which is all very well, but it means that the clutch of interesting live recordings that used to be available on her website are gone, together with the rest of the old site. Well, here are the Chopin Studies, recorded live and in-house, formerly available on her site, so I guess 'official' recordings. 

The sound settles down in a few minutes and that silly woman falls asleep. (You'll see what I mean when you listen to them). Sound is reasonable, but not studio quality – 128 kbs. But as a document, here is the younger Lisitsa on the wing, taking risks and giving Freddy Francis a run for his money. 

I've also got the audio from the internet relay of her London concert, which I may have time to edit before I go on holiday. 

Download from Rapidshare


  1. A truly inspirational story if ever there was one!
    I never warmed up to Lisitsa's playing, but I have followed her rise from obscurity with utmost enthusiasm. Whatever she achieved so far has been based on her own effort and perseverance, and I admire her determination to no end.
    Lets hope a movie deal for her is not far in the future.

  2. I attended the RAH concert last month and she was incredibly charming and laid back in person, her playing was of course, formidable in technique and individual in interpretation. I was delighted to see and hear her as she has so much more to offer than the "typewriters" packaged and rammed down our throats by DG et al...

  3. Enjoy the recording of the concert that I have now uploaded. Her warmth and wry humour are very much part of the enjoyment, so I've uploaded all her comments to the audience as well. And Boom, I'll say this: she plays the last movement of the Hammerklavier with the battle plan of a chess grand master and the terrifying kiai of a Samurai.