Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Suk : Mass in B flat major, 'Krecovicka'

The teenage Josef Suk made his one and only foray into the realm of religious music with this short mass. You will not hear the composer of Asrael here, but you will hear a young, talented composer, brimming with ideas.

The work abounds in happy detail, notably a remarkable timpani part and occasional telling interventions from the organ loft. 

The same forces subsequently recorded this work - see link in the comments - and if the remaining works on the CD are on a par with this committed and energetic performance, I'll be delighted I ordered it. 

Marie Matejkova,
Ilona Satylova,
Jiri Vinklarek,
Michael Mergl,
Czech Radio Choir,
Pilzen Radio Orchestra,
Stanislaw Begunia

BBC Radio 3 internet HD stream, tracked and tagged

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  1. thanks a lot!
    by now Czech Radio has issued this recording or its re-rendition commercially in 2CDs-set 'Three Czech Masses' along with the religious works of Liehmann and Dvořák.
    the soloists, chorus, orchestra & conductor are the same.

    1. Just to note that the CD appears to have at least a different set of soloists & a different conductor!

      Above link not working, try this one:

  2. I'm delighted to hear this. It's a lovely work. According to the BBC, this is a concert performance, so presumably the concert was in preparation for the subsequent recording.