Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shostakovich : Violin concerto no 1 - Ibragimova

I hadn't meant to upload this – I still haven't put up the second Mozart quintet with the Leipzigers, but I recorded this from the BBC internet stream and really you have to hear it. I know I do a disproportionate amount of publicity for Alina Ibragimova, but she does a disproportionate amount for my mental health.

I still recall the first time I heard this concerto. Ida Haendel played it on the proms, and I taped it from my uncertain radio 3 signal, hoping, as usual, that the reception would hold out. I still recall the shock of hearing her end the first movement, how she gradually drained all color from the sound, and flicked the last note of the first movement upwards into a haunted harmonic.

Sorry. I'm going on about a recording I no longer have! This one does the same sort of tonal magic, though. Ibragimova catches the unsentimental mood of the music perfectly. There is the sense that this work is about something too important to trivialise into virtuosity.

And the recording is splendid - BBCs new high-quality stream is a constant companion these days, despite the sad trivialisation of Radio 3.

mp3 320kbs, tracked and tagged, with a photo of Ms Ibragimova

Download from mediafire


  1. Thanks a lot for the unexpected gift. It seems like I can't get enough of ms Ibragimova's lovely playing.
    If you did not already know, next Friday be on the lookout for her Mendelssohn op 64 from Utrecht. Dutch Radio 4 will broadcast it live at 20:00 De Vrijdag van Vredenburg (http://www.radio4.nl/gids-en-gemist/2011-12-09/gids-en-gemist.html ) and I hope they will upload the recording on the concerthuis site afterwards (http://concerthuis.radio4.nl/serie/3/De_Vrijdag_van_Vredenburg ).

  2. I've located the Radio 4 feed and scheduled a recording. If all goes well, we'll have a Mendelssohn concerto by the weekend at 192 kbs.

  3. Dec 9th Vredenburg, Utrecht

    Dec 11th Concertgebouw A'dam (about half minute faster)

    any media grabber should be able to get you the original mp3 file (256 kbps, 48 KHz) (at least Download helper for Firefox does it).

    Video of the Amsterdam performance:

    veel plezier!

  4. Thank you. Who is the conductor, please?

  5. Just wanted to add that this is fast becoming my favourite performance of the mighty Shostakovich No 1. See tags for details. Thank you RonanM