Monday, December 5, 2011

Mozart quintet K515 - Leipzig Quartet, Hartmut Rode

I, and a lot of other people, have been listening to the Leipzig quartet's live recordings of the Mozart string quintets with considerable pleasure for the last while. So much so that when the original links apparently disappeared, there was a barrage of emails requesting someone to re-upload them.

With the kind permission of Don, the original uploader, I am posting two of the finest of the quintets, starting today with K515 in C.

K 515 and 516 are an amazing pair of works. 516, the famous G minor, is one of Mozart's most searching works. By comparison, 515, in C major, is more elusive. For sure, the slow movement has a serenity that is breathtaking, but the first movement is all in the soft-spoken dialogue between the violins and the violas. It's art that does nothing to advertise its presence. As the years have gone by, I realise that 515 is one of the works I listen to most often, and there are few occasions in life when it cannot bring solace.

The Leipzig quartet are joined by the violist Hartmut Rode in this beautiful concert recording, captured losslessly from German radio. The files are apple lossless.

Download from Mediafire


  1. Much appreciated. As a favour I enclose a link that I found on the Todomahler web-site to a catalogue of 4,200 live concert recordings. I kid you not. It is one of the great wonders of the age.

    Amigos... calentito, calentito...
    El catálogo con 4200 conciertos:

  2. This is the cumulative catalogue of the Concert Archive group. While it is a private group, anyone can apply to join. It's a wonderful resource!

    There are up to 100 uploaded concerts a week!