Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mozart : Quintet in G minor K 516 - Leipzig quartet

Here it is: the second instalment of the Leipzig Quartet's Mozart quintets. This is a work I've known all my life, it seems to me. Fifty years certainly. As a teenager, I loved the sweet sadness of the slow movement, but I could never adjust to the way the last movement started with a tragic introduction and then, like a butterfly emerging, took off in a lilting, whistlable melody. How could he finish such a tragic work like this?

I now look forward to that moment, when the rondo takes wing in G major. The disquiet and doubt hasn't gone away, but we are leaving it far below. The truly wonderful property of this quintet is the solace that it brings.

And these, I assure you, are really fine performances. The Leipzig Quartet is joined by the violist Hartmut Rode in these 2006 radio recordings, captured losslessly by a friend of Don, who is the original uploader, and with whose permission I have re-upped the files.

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  1. thank you for this and the k515. alfred venison