Friday, August 19, 2011

Schubert String Quintet – Alina Ibragimova and friends

I am really interested by anything that Alina Ibragimova does. I've got a wonderful recording of her doing the Beethoven concerto, riding a wave of big, warm tone, and recordings of her doing Bach unaccompanied, challenging the violin in all sorts of risky ways. She's a person who seems to be constantly exploring the possibilities of the music.

She's a really good chamber musician too – something I appreciate. I play chamber music, and you can tell a lot about a musician by the way they interact musically with others in a chamber setting. And I really like this photo of her too – looking like a real musician, and not as the advertising people want us to see her, looking like something that escaped from Laboratoire Garnier and stole a violin!

I was bowled over by this live recording of the great Schubert Quintet, D956. This is chamber music playing of the highest order. And, of course, one of the summits of classical music.

Many thanks to István for his permission to share this.
Schubert : String Quintet in C major D.956

Alina Ibragimova - first violin
Katalin Kokas - second violin
Maxim Rysanov - viola
Dóra Kokas - first cello
Nicolas Altstaedt - second cello

Recorded on the 13th of August 2011 at Szivárvány Zeneház, Kaposvár, Hungary
FM Broadcast converted to mp3 at 320kbs

Download from rapidshare


  1. Thank you very much for this recording

  2. RonanM - how do I contact you apart from using wall comments? Is there a way or do you prefer not to be contacted like that? I've got some news to share about Alina Ibragimova!

  3. Her live recording of Beethoven Violin Sonatas (from Wigmore Hall recitals) impressed me a good deal (though not so much with respect to the pianist). I also thought that her premiere performance of Hugh Watkins' Violin Concerto (from 2010 Proms) was very memorable.
    A most promising musician indeed!

  4. Natalie: sorry. I don't know you, and your Blogger profile suggests a spam.

  5. Thanks for sharing this wonderful performance. I really value her commitment to chamber music.

    I only know Ibragimova's work from her solo Bach (very fine) and Beethoven violin sonatas (although overall I slightly prefer Isabelle Faust's partnership).

    The Beethoven violin concerto performance sounds intriguing. At risk of sounding greedy, are you able to share this? Thanks.

  6. No-one who is really interested goes away empty-handed. Give me a day or so to sort out the Beethoven concerto…

  7. lot of thanks!
    everlasting chamber masterpiece in a worthy rendition.
    really rare and fruitful commitment to chamber music.
    it's a pity, that i cannot find her recording of Lekeu sonata on the web till now.