Friday, August 12, 2011

Nikita Magaloff – Scriabin Etudes

Magaloff's late recordings were a revelation to those who knew him as the elegant and stylish pianist who was the first person to record all the Chopin piano works. In his last years, he took risks, and allowed the style he learned in pre-revolutionary Russia to break through the polished surface that Isidore Philippe had honed for him in 1920s Paris.

Here he is, in a long-vanished Valois recording of the complete Scriabin studies. Piano scores included in the archive, in case you want to try it yourselves at home.

I'm sorry this isn't higher quality, but it is as I got it a number of years ago from a fellow-enthusiast in Spain who seems to have vanished from cyberspace.

1. Etude Op. 2, No. 1
12 Etudes, Op. 8
3 Etudes, Op. 65

Nikita Magaloff, piano

mp3 @ 192 kbs

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