Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brahms : Organ works - Virgil Fox

This is a tribute to the wonderful blog that Fred runs over at Random Classics. Among the many treasures I've discovered there is this recording of the Brahms chorale preludes Op 122. 

Not many people seem to realise that Brahms wrote organ music, and not many recordings of these chorale preludes can be called successful in my opinion. Which was way I was bowled over by Fox's interpretations. For a start, he precedes each prelude with the appropriate chorale, in such a way that Brahms' music flows naturally from the chorale melody. But more than that, Fox creates a sound world from the Hammond Castle organ in Gloucester Massachusetts that captures the mood of the music precisely. He uses endless variations on the reed chorus of the organ to maintain a unified atmosphere, but allow each chorale prelude to take on its own character. 

And the playing – meditative and powerful at once, reminding me forcefully of the recordings of Albert Schweitzer. 

There's a complicated reason why I ended up doing a small editing job on Fred's original upload, which isn't interesting enough to put here. Suffice it to say that this upload is my small tribute to Fred and his wonderfully eclectic tastes in LPs. 

These are Apple Lossless audio files. I'm a Mac person. That's life. 

And thank you, Fred!

Download from Mediafire


  1. Thanks for making this recording available. its an intriguing and appealing program; I look forward to hearing it.

  2. Thanks for this and for all the other wonderful postings on this fine blog. The music and the annotations all give great pleasure. I only just discovered you this morning but I am sure I will spend much time here. You may wish to prowl around my own little blog It is nowhere near as all-encompassing as your own, but you may find an item or two of interest. Thanks again! -- Progress

  3. Thanks for the visit, and sorry for the delay in replying – holidays!