Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Souzay : Schumann Dichterliebe - rare early recording

Apparently Souzay was very critical of his own early recordings, and resisted attempts to reissue them. Certainly, his singing grew in stature as he got older, but there is also something wonderful about the freshness of his youthful interpretations.

Here is is with Jacqueline Bonneau, in Schumann's Dichterliebe, with a bonus of four Wolf lieder thrown in.

Many thanks to Frits, who originally uploaded this, and with whose kind permission I've uploaded it here. The LP is in great condition considering its age!

mp3, mono, about 220 kbs, VBR, tracked and tagged.

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  1. Thanks Ronan and Frits --- I love this recording, and prefer the earlier Souzay to the later ... This 'Dichterliebe'/Wolf LP was (finally) released by Testament in 2003. They only managed to persuade Souzay by FIRST reissuing the later 1950s recordings with Dalton Baldwin. (The later recordings are the ones with Souzay's abstract paintings on the bottom left front cover.) Having done that, they then released the versions with Jacqueline Bonneau on piano (Schumann, Duparc, Faure, etcetera.)

    I look forward to hearing another transfer --- there was nothing wrong with Testament's work, but the recordings are in the public domain now anyway.

    Here is the Testament Dichterliebe:


  2. Nice transfer - and another I can remove from the 'to do' list, I guess! Actually this version of 'Dichterliebe' hasn't been reissued on CD (Testament's was from LXT2875) - this is taken from LXT2734 from 2 years previous: a rarity as it was then quickly deleted. Schubert's 'Der Jungling an der Quelle' from 10" LX3134 (again containing Souzay re-recordings) remains unreissued - and that album is rather nice. I sought-out Souzay's Decca LPs some 25years ago - but they were rarely to be found.

  3. Thank you, I look forward to hearing this. The recording from 1956 that Souzay did with Cortot of the Dichterliebe (A Fonit/Cetra that I have on a Turnabout/vox issue) is one that I have been very fond of for years. So I look forward to hearing this one (from 1953?). Again, thank you.

  4. So many Souzay fans in 24 hours!
    Tin Ear - thank you for that information. Clearly Frits has come up with quite a rarity (thanks again, Frits, if you're reading this!).
    I do believe I have the Cortot version too, and may upload this as a companion piece. It's one of the rare occasions on which the elderly Cortot manages to be a decent accompanist, I think (I find his playing at the Casals Festivals shambolic, for instance).

  5. Tin Ear ---

    Thanks for the discographical information --- I'd really be interested in hearing that Souzay/Cortot Dichterliebe, L.Austin --- is it on CD? I have the famous Panzera/Cortot Schumann which is, of course, wonderful. I like the late Cortot for the most part ... I simply have to set my 'standards' to one side and dive in. The 'Master Classes' CD, for instance, is great (Cortot plays Beethoven!)

  6. RonanM ---

    I missed your reference to the Souzay/Cortot --- yes, yes do it! :)

  7. OK. I'll for RonanM. But if you don't feel like it, let me know, and I will. Still, it would nice to have them both here. Another fine recording of this music is Hermann PRey's early essay on Vox . Sorry, I forget the pianist, and I'm not home at present to check the record. Truth in advertising, though, I love just about everything Prey does.