Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Luisada plays Fauré and Chopin

Concert donné le 25 avril 2010, Théâtre du Châtelet à Paris
Carte blanche à Jean-Marc Luisada

I had reservations about recording this recital. Luisada's recordings ranged from remarkable simplicity and sensitivity (his Bizet, for example) to downright annoying mannerism (some of his Chopin).

I need not have worried. Time seems to have favoured the sensitivity and banished the eccentricity. His reading of the haunting eleventh nocturne which opens the recital is utterly gallic in its restrained grief, and his mazurkas are, I think, vastly better than those he recorded in the 90s for DGG.

Nocturne n°11 en fa dièse mineur op 104 n°1 (à la mémoire de Noemie Lalo)    6:54   
Nocturne n°12 en si majeur op 104 n°2    6:54   
Nocturne n°6 en ré bémol Majeur op 63    10:07   
Nocturne n°7 en ut dièse mineur op 74    10:04

Ballade n°2 en fa majeur opus 38    8:09   
Quatre Mazurkas opus 24 n° 1 en sol mineur    2:08   
Quatre Mazurkas opus 24 n° 2 en ut majeur    2:08   
Quatre Mazurkas opus 24 n° 3 en la bémol majeur    1:33   
Quatre Mazurkas opus 24 n° 4 en si bémol mineur    4:42   
Andante Spianato et Grande Polonaise brillante en mi bémol Majeur op 22    14:39   

Encore : Morricone - incidental music from Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma    2:47

Once again, France Musique has done an astonishing job of engineering.

France Musique internet 128kbs
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  1. I have downloaded this a couple of times, but, no matter how hard I try my computer will not let me un-zip these files. They are marked as unsafe (?) and no ammount of fiddling with security settings alters that. Is it just me?


  2. You poor thing - you probably have some Microsoft horror of a computer, do you?
    No-one else has had this problem, and the archive contains just ordinary mp3s.
    Maybe you can extract the archive on someone else's computer - I assure you it's well worth while. The 11th Fauré nocturne is haunting. Luisada has the exact balance of the piece, that utter lack of sentimentality that makes its grief all the more devastating.

  3. Very good recital, particulary the Fauré pieces. Thank you fot this!

  4. Really wonderful recital and many thanks!
    I had problems opening the zip file too,
    but then used winrar and it worked.

  5. de gustibus non est disputandum... However I think his Mazurkas for DG are better than this live recording. They are more balanced, forte is less sharp, the reading is much more logical.

    The Chopin's Polonaise is a disaster... it's too heavily played, the forte is very sharp, there are numerous mistakes and it's heard that the pianist is facing many technical difficulties.

  6. The Polonaise is, yes, a disaster. It doesn't do Luisada justice. The Fauré, though, is top drawer.