Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chopin piano works - Philippe Giusiano

Another installment from the Nantes Chopin marathon. Giusiano won the Chopin competition in 1995 (having been placed eighth five years earlier at the age of just 17). He enjoys a considerable following in his native France (he is from Marseille) but for some reason he is less well known in the English speaking world.

I was very impressed by his playing - a fine grasp of the big picture in the ballades, and a merry humour that bubbles up in the Valses - and invested in his recording of the etudes and preludes on Mirare.

Once again, these are compiled from the original multi-performer concerts.

Prélude en ut dièse mineur opus 45
Ballade n°1 en sol mineur opus 23
Nocturne en fa majeur opus 15 n°1
Mazurka en la bémol majeur KK IV b/4
Prélude en la bémol majeur "Presto con leggierezza"
Trois Mazurkas opus 56 No 1
Trois Mazurkas opus 56 No 2
Trois Mazurkas opus 56 No 3
Deux Nocturnes opus 32 No 1
Deux Nocturnes opus 32 No 2
Galop Marquis en la bémol majeur
Impromptu en la bémol majeur opus 29
Trois Valses opus 64 No 1
Trois Valses opus 64 No 2
Trois Valses opus 64 No 3
Ballade n°2 en fa majeur opus 38

France Musique 128kbs internet, well-engineered recording

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  1. Bon, reste plus qu'à l'écouter maintenant.
    Faudrait qu'on cause un de ces jours, mon adresse est visible.

  2. Thanks for the nice recordings.
    If you want to listen to Chopin played by the legendary Japanese pianist, Hiroko Nakamura: