Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chopin Piano Works - Anne Queffélec

Anne Queffélec's playing is fascinating. Her early recordings bubbled with wit and personality. More recently, though, her playing has acquired an added zen-like sense of simple clarity. She herself said, in an interview, « Il y a une dimension sacrée dans la pratique approfondie de l’art » It certainly comes across. Listen, for example, to the sheer grace with which she lets the A flat ballade unfold. Magical!

Ballade n°3 en la bémol majeur opus 47
Ballade n°4 en fa mineur opus 52
Nocturne en sol mineur opus 37 n°1
Scherzo n°4 en mi majeur opus 54
Trois Mazurkas opus 50 No 1
Trois Mazurkas opus 50 No 2
Trois Mazurkas opus 50 No 3
Valse en fa mineur opus 70 n°2
Valse en mi bémol majeur "Sostenuto"
Berceuse en ré bémol majeur opus 57
Barcarolle en fa dièse majeur opus 60
Nocturne en sol mineur opus 15 n°3
Cantabile en si bémol majeur
Largo en mi bémol majeur
Valse en la bémol majeur opus 69 n°1

Edited and tagged from two of France Musique's all-night Chopin broadcasts
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  1. Thanks for using Mediafire. Best regards!

  2. Thanks for this and sorry not to have visited for awhile --- much work and little time!

    Despite an on-going (now nearly five-year long!) inability to listen to Chopin, I am downloading this one --- I have long admired Anne Queffelec, but have not heard her recently. Your description of her present-day playing is very interesting. And I should be able to make it through the Ballades and Nocturne at least ...

    I keep hoping that a particular performance will remove my Chopin-block. I used to like him, but it's just one of those things ... all it takes is one performance to shake me out of it. I'm starting to get worried about Mahler now; it's been nearly a full year since I could listen to him ...

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