Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Troyanos in Das Lied von der Erde

I first got to know Troyanos' voice in her doom-laden recording of Bluebeard's Castle. It ruined the piece for me in the sense that I cannot listen to anyone else without missing her intensely. I mentioned this to a South American friend, who kindly sent me this recording. The sound is, well, FM radio, but the singing is another reason to lament her early death.

MP3 240-ish kbs, VBR, from FM broadcast.

Gustav Mahler
Das Lied von der Erde
Peter Hoffman, Tatiana Troyanos,
Carlo Maria Giulini
Los Angeles Philharmonic
November 9, 1980

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  1. Moi c'est Mère Jeanne des Anges, dans les Diables de Loudun, quand Penderecki était encore écoutable!
    Voisin, si je te dis que Mediafire conserve ad aeternam tes fichiers quand Rapidshare les achève dès qu'ils cessent de bouger?

  2. Astonishingly, almost no comments on this one!? I'm always keen to hear Giulini, but I made the mistake of listening to this one after the van Beinum. Oh dear, how flaccid it seemed in comparison. However hard the singers worked, on this occasion I felt rather like the audience obviously did, that everything was there to be admired rather than to move us. Which is not something I generally expect from Giulini. Must get out his recording of the Lied & have another listen: different soloists of course, but I don't recall it being quite so shallow as I felt this was. Maybe van Beinum & Nan Merriman have just made me harsh towards mere mortals! Thanks for this

  3. Try listening to the Milwaukee Symphony Orch. Das Lied from a few years later with Tatiana Troyanos and Jon Frederic West. The piece is conducted masterfully. Will stand up to the best performances of this piece. The conductor of MSO escapes me just now but he did a great job along with the singers mentioned here.