Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kristian Bezuidenhout : Mozart Concerto No 18

I told you he was good!

Mozart's 18th concerto gets less than its fair share of performances, seen as a 'slighter' concerto than its fellows. This performance certainly argues the case persuasively. Bezuidenhout effortlessly varies Mozart's written figuration and improvises fermatas and cadenzas that fit seamlessly into the music - and that's hard to do. Mozart sounds natural until you try writing some.

The slow movement, in particular, benefits from this approach. I'd like it a little more poignant, especially where the theme turns from G minor to G major, but, well, some people are never satisfied.

This is from a recent concert which I was recording from the internet when my connexion vanished for two maddening minutes during the last movement. All's well, however, thanks to Jaques, who had recorded the concert in far higher quality sound, and uploaded it. This posting is done with his permission. 

Bezuidenhout now has a snazzy website – have a look.

Kristian Bezuidenhout, Les Arts Florissants, Jonathan Cohen
Mozart Piano Concerto No 18 in B flat
321kbs mp3

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  1. It's silly to thank you for something I've just begun downloading and probably won't get a chance to listen to until tomorrow, but if I don't do it now, I'll forget later. Thanks! This is one of MY favorite Mozart concertos, but then they're ALL my favorite Mozart concertos. And I'm sure this is an extraordinary performance, from the look of it ... I'll let you know if I feel differently once I hear the sound of it. I can report back that I enjoyed the Pludermacher concert very much, and wish I could afford that incredibly cheap Beethoven sonata set of his you describe (I know, I know ... but they've taken my credit cards away from me ... )

    Thanks for this one and all the others. (I have to single out, again, that German Requiem with Wolfgang Rihm and Natalie Dessay.)

  2. I grew up with a 1950s Ingrid Haebler Vox recording of this concerto (plus No 15), and it turned me into a Mozart concerto addict. I have a lovely performance of Haebler from 1981 doing No 17, live. I must upload it. From being Philips' Ms Mozart for many years, she is now suffering undeserved neglect.

  3. Superb! Much thanX.

    Also, I just heard, vale Charles Mackerras.