Monday, November 30, 2009

Sergio Fiorentino - the Chopin Studies

Sergio Fiorentino (December 22, 1927 – August 22, 1998)

One of the most undervalued pianists of the last century. He recorded a large amount of repertoire for the now notorious Concert Artist label, run by William Barrington-Coupe, who perpetrated the Joyce Hatto fraud.

Alas, Barrington-Coupe also issued fraudulent recordings under Fiorentino's name, cashing in on the pianist's popularity in the last years of his life. We will probably never know which of these recordings are actual Fiorentino and which were fakes. However, these Chopin studies are for real. They were issued in Fiorentino's own lifetime.

I am grateful to Ernst Lumpe, who was Fiorentino's champion, benefactor and friend in the last decade of his life, for the original recordings. They are posted here with his blessing.

The studies are a variable feast, I think, with signs of the hasty and often improvised recording conditions. However, I will be posting the Preludes, which are of a more consistently high quality. Be patient!

Chopin: The complete studies Op 10 and 25, and three Nouvelles Etudes, Op Posth.
Sergio Fiorentino, Piano
Apple Lossless
Recorded : Op  10: 8 January 1962 London, Greenwich Borough Hall
Op 25: 4 March 1959 London, Hornsey Town Hall
3 Nouvelles Etudes : 14 October 1954 London, Conway Hall

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  1. Ronan ; I am overly well informed about the "Hatto Hoax" and Barrington-Coupe --- and I understood that there was speculation about Fiorentino's name being misused as well. But I thought (and hope) that the series of recordings (Bach, Schubert, Franck etc. --- 5 or 6 discs) on APR, with B. Crimp's notes, recorded very late in his career, had been proven to be absolutely genuine: there is certainly nothing I've ever heard like the two Bach CDs in the series, which are absolutely amazing and flabbergastingly beautiful. Please don't tell me (or rather DO tell me, if it is true) that these recordings are now under suspicion.

    If anyone would know, it would be Mr. Lumpe --- if you have any information, I'd be very happy to know it. You can email me privately if you wish (do you have the address?


  2. The APR recordings are utterly genuine, and so are the discs issued during Fiorentino's lifetime by SAGA and its various incarnations. The dubious ones are the recordings put out in sheafs by Barrington-Crook on ConArtist after Fiorentino's death.

    I plan on uploading the ConArtist recordings anyway. We may ultimately find out which are genuine. Certainly a bunch of the Mazurkas are not. I'll email you with more detail.

  3. Hi,

    thanks so much for sharing. Only stumbled onto your site today. Been admirer of Fiorentino. I am having problem playing the Flac files. I assume the files of the Preludes & Impromtus have been split. (being in .001 & .002 files) Any advice?

    Tahnks so much.


  4. The files must first be joined before being extracted. I use TheUnarchiver on my Mac, which joins and extracts in one go. If you are on a PC, I think that there's a programme called HJSplit which does the joining, after which you can extract the archive.
    Once you have extracted the archive, you will need to use the Cue file to separate the music into tracks. I use XLD. I don't know what PC users use, but I am sure you can google it!

  5. this is great, but is it possible to post it somewhere other than rapidshare?

    -Mikhail Kaykov

  6. I'll try uploading to Mediafire. I have had trouble with them, but other people seem to like them.

    Can't promise anything rapid - really busy these days.

  7. Ronan, my dear, didn't Ernst send you one of those "In Memoriam" covers for you to scan... AH! forgot you is a busy man.... Got here only now! Should have been here a long time ago! And I don't have these Etudes.... All my love, Puck [Maria]

  8. Any chance to reupload this great master?