Monday, November 9, 2009

Georges Pludermacher - a recital of Janacek, Beethoven and Stravinsky

Janacek : In the Mists
Beethoven : Piano Sonata No 17 op 31/2 in D minor 'The Tempest'   
Stravinsky : Le Sacre du Printemps (version for piano solo)   
Debussy : From Etudes : Pour les quartes (encore)

Georges Pludermacher
Festival Radio France et Monpellier 2009

I can't stand Stravinsky, but for completeness I've posted it. You may have more fun with it than I've had.

The Beethoven is excellent, and a good teaser for Pludermacher's startlingly cheap complete sonatas, which you can download for the outrageous price of €9.99 from Qobuz - and you get the Diabelli variations thrown in!

Recorded from France Musique, internet 128 kbs

Download from Rapidshare

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  1. This looks great --- I had no idea that Plundermacher was still active (or indeed, alive; I just found out this week that Claude Helffer, whom I always associated with Plundermacher died in 2005).

    Of course, I haven't heard it yet --- but it's downloading now!

    Do you mean you hate Stravinsky tout court, or just hearing 'The Rite' played on piano? I am a very big fan of the 4-piano version of the "Rite" arranged by Maarten Bon and recorded on a Dutch label, along with an arrangement of Debussy's "Jeux", for the same forces. I have never much enjoyed the (single) piano version of the "Rite" (or the Three Movements from "Petruschka"); it's odd --- some of my favorite Stravinsky is his music for piano and orchestra and piano duo, but he never really produced a solo piano work that was convincing (to me).

    Thanks again, and thanks for making me aware of your great blog! (I hope to post some more stuff by the end of the week on my own site; there's so much stuff ready to go, but I find it very hard to 'push the button' and 'go public', as it were .... )