Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Olivier Greif

Two more pieces by the French composer Olivier Greif, who died in 2000 aged just
50. They are from a concert dedicated to his memory given on then19 September
2009, in the Studio Charles Trenet de la maison de Radio France à Paris.

The concert also included a piece by Guillaume Conneson for viola and piano.

The performances are superb.

Greif : Le Tombeau De Ravel for Piano Duo 17:37
Géraldine Dutroncy & Fuminori Tanada (Piano Duo)

Connesson : Constellation de la couronne boreale, Constellation II for Viola and Piano 14:16
Jitka Hosprovà (viola) Eric le Sage (Piano)

Greif : Lettres de Westerbork for Mezzo Soprano and two violins 17:51
Andréas Hill (Mezzo) Hélène Collerette & Florent Brannens (vln)

Source: France Musique internet 128 kbs


The photo shows Fuminori Tanada, one of the piano duo. He has also recorded Takemitsu piano works for BIS


  1. Hi RonanM:
    The zip won't open without an access code
    I managed to drag and drop "Le Tombeau" but it cant be done with the other two.
    Thanks !
    - Brighternow.

  2. I don't understand this. It's been downloaded several dozen times, and everyone else has managed. What software are you using?

  3. Hi again...

    I managed to copy and paste constellation from the zip but it did'nt work with the last one.
    I was "told" that the filename was too long and I could'nt find a way to rename it

    Greetings from Brighternow.

  4. I'm sorry brighternow, you are victim of a Windows limitation on the length of file names. I'm on a Mac so it doesn't apply.

    I'll upload the tracks with shorter file names for you next week.

  5. Thank you very much for your effort.
    This is indeed apreciated.

    - Brighternow.

  6. "She"??!! Should "she" really be called Fuminori "she"'d probably be the first Japanese girl with a male given name. Parents can be cruel, can't they?

  7. Many thanks, Anonymous, for pointing out the error! It arose from a mistake in a press release that I located when I googled Fuminori Tanada.

  8. Thank you very much for these files
    actually I met Olivier in 1987 in France and lost
    contact in 1995
    when I heard of his death I felt very sad ...
    He was and still is a great soul , great artist
    a rising star of the 21st century
    patrick b.

  9. The accounts I have read of him as a person make him sound fascinating - and hard work - to know! You are right, too: what a loss to the world of music. I think his cello concerto, in particular, is a towering masterpiece.

  10. Thanks for uploading this!