Friday, September 11, 2009

Sokolov plays Couperin

Another Sokolov programme: Music by François Couperin

Les Lis Naissans
Les Rozeaux (Rondeau)
La Virginité, sous le Domino couleur d'invisible
La Pudeur, sous le Domino couleur de rose
L'Ardeur, sous le Domino incarnat
L'Espérance, sous le Domino vert
La Fidélité, sous le Domino bleu
La Persévérance, sous le Domino gris de lin
La Langueur, sous le Domino violet
La Coquéterie, sous différents Dominos
Les Vieux Galans et les Trésorières Suranées, sous les Dominos pourpres et fe...
Les Coucous bénévoles, sous des Dominos jaunes
La Jalousie taciturne, sous le Domino gris de maure
La Frénésie, ou le Désespoir, sous le Domino noir
L'âme en peine
Allemande (La Verneuille)
La Verneuilléte
Soeur Monique (Rondeau)
Le Turbulent
Le Tic-Toc-Choc, ou les Maillotins (Rondeau)
Le Gaillard-Boiteux

Very good sound – mp3, VBR with a bitrate about 220



  1. Once again --- I am overwhelmedly amazed! Sokolov playing Rameau and Couperin?!? And Natalie Dessay in the German Requiem? I have no idea where you dig these things up, but thanks a million. Also (keep this a secret) it is a pleasure to find a blog that doesn't make a big deal about giant lossless files. I've been posting FLACs on my blog against my own personal desires (I find 320 MP3s perfectly adequate and don't even listen to FLACs), but it is a necessity when sharing LP transfers that people might want to clean up and declick. It's refreshing to visit a blog and download a CD-length performance in one go rather than dealing with the giant multi-part FLAC and APE archives you find in grey-market 'entire-CD' blogs (only to end up shrinking them back to MP3s in the end!)

    My own ears detect (still!) such a great difference between analog and digital recordings that a high-quality MP3 or a lossless file are pretty much the same to me --- they both sound digital. (I still prefer vinyl, or my own --- limited --- piano playing skills. Concerts are ruled out by agoraphobia, alas ... )

    As I'm at work now, I will have to do the downloading a little later this evening. Once more, thanks for the music and also for your support in my own, sometimes fraught, efforts.

  2. For more Sokolov's recordings:

  3. Not a very desultory blog at all, this stuff is great!