Saturday, September 19, 2009

Greif : Cello Concerto - in a blazing live performance

Olivier Greif died in 2000, aged only 50. This cello concerto, subtitled Durch Adams Fall, was premiered by Henri Demarquette (photo above). This recording comes from a Radio France concert given on the 18th of September 2009.

It's a masterpiece - dark, anguished, taking almost half an hour to find some sort of reprieve. Henri Demarquette's playing is astonishing, and the Orchestre Nationale de France under Jean-Claude Casadesus play as if possessed.

If you only download one piece this month, make sure this is it!

Greif : Cello Concerto


  1. Thanks very much for this.

  2. A remarkable concerto. More music by this composer, please!

  3. Glad you think so! Demarquette has released the concerto and sonata on a wonderful album – get it; you won't regret it.