Friday, July 10, 2009

Beethoven : Triple Concerto with Patricia Kopatchinskaja

Patricia Kopatchinskaja's website used to have a lot of recordings available for download. However, these have now disappeared. Luckily, I had downloaded some of them already.

Here she is in Beethoven's triple concerto:

Beethoven: Concerto for Piano, Violin and Cello Op 56
Patricia Kopatchinskaia (violin),
Henri Sigfridsson (piano) and
Sol Gabetta (cello),
Berne Symphony Orchestra, Andrey Boreyko

Live recording, 15.6.2007.

Download here


  1. I just discovered her - can you post more of her stuff that you got from her site before? Thanks for this - great!

  2. I'll post more stuff so. Give me a few days. Her Beethoven is one of the three nominations in the concerto category for th BBC Magazine awards this year.

  3. I have enjoyed this recording thoroughly: the sound is magnificent and both she and Sol are fantastic. What a concert by Beethoven, a true masterpiece! Thank you, Ronan, you have made me discover a great artist!