Friday, July 10, 2009

Beethoven : Triple Concerto with Patricia Kopatchinskaja

Patricia Kopatchinskaja's website used to have a lot of recordings available for download. However, these have now disappeared. Luckily, I had downloaded some of them already.

Here she is in Beethoven's triple concerto:

Beethoven: Concerto for Piano, Violin and Cello Op 56
Patricia Kopatchinskaia (violin),
Henri Sigfridsson (piano) and
Sol Gabetta (cello),
Berne Symphony Orchestra, Andrey Boreyko

Live recording, 15.6.2007.

Download here

Bach : The Leipzig Chorales - Kibbie

Another volume from James Kibbie's monumental project to record all the Bach organ works on historic instruments and make them available free.

As I pointed out before, the only problem with the website is that the pieces come in individual music files, tagged only with their BWV number. I have downloaded them, labelled them and used the 'comments' section to identify the organ on which they were recorded and even, in some cases, the registration used.

Go along to James Kibbie's website to read more about the project and download more music.

Bach: The Leipzig Chorale Preludes, BWV 651-668

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Patricia Kopatchinskaja - Beethoven Violin concerto

The violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja has caused a certain amount of controversy with her recent release of Beethoven's Kreutzer sonata with the pianist Fazil Say (that's them in the picture). It's a hair-raising ride, that much is for sure. Her playing takes a lot of risks and she doesn't play safe. You can read her spirited defence of their interpretation at her website. And you can listen (and watch) the pair performing on YouTube - see what you think.

One of her projects is a recording of the Beethoven Violin Concerto with Philippe Herrreweghe and the Orchestre des Champs Elysées, due for release later this year. In the meantime, here is a live recording made with those same forces. At the orchestra's website, an anonymous critique claims Grâce à l’explosive Patricia Kopatchinskaia, le concerto pour violon de Beethoven devient une expérience décapante. I'd certainly agree with that! Not everything she tries works, but the performance crackles with electricity.

And the encore is a virtuoso explosion of playing, half-playing, singing and other vocal noises, all in less than a minute!

Kopatchinskaja is one of those performers who bristles with oddball musical musical intelligence. It's going to be fascinating to hear how she develops.

Ludwig van Beethoven :
Concerto for violin & orchestra in D opus 61 (1806)
01 - I Allegro ma non troppo 22'02"
02 - II Larghetto + III Rondo 18'22"
Jorge Sanchez-Chiong (Born 1969):
Crin [for solo violin] (1996-7)
03 - Crin 00'55"

Orchestre des Champs-élyses
Philippe Herreweghe - conductor
Patricia Kopatchinskaia - violin
Abbaye aux Dames, Saintes (FR) (Academies Musicales)
15th july 2007.

Download here

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sokolov Plays Stravinsky - Trois Mouvements de Petrouchka and more

Here is Sokolov in a live recording of unknown provenance, playing the
Stravinsky, and a couple of other pieces. I got this from a friend who
has no idea where it originated. Perhaps someone else out there knows.

Stravinsky - Trois Mouvements de Petrouchka - I - Danse Russe
Stravinsky - Trois Mouvements de Petrouchka - II - Chez Petrouchka
Stravinsky - Trois Mouvements de Petrouchka - III - La Semaine Grasse
Rameau-Sokolov - La Livri (from Pieces de Clavecin en Concert)
Bach-Sokolov - Nun freut euch, lieben Christen gmein, BWV 734a
Chopin - Prelude in E minor, Op28 No4
Chopin - Etude in C minor, Op25 No12
Brahms - Intermezzo in B-flat minor, Op117 No2

Download here

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sokolov Plays Rameau

The pianist Grigory Sokolov has gained a cult following that reminds me of Glenn Gould. A friend passed on some fascinating recordings which apparently originated on German Radio. This is one of them.

The sound is good - it's VBR MP3, about 220 KBS

Les Tricotets (Rondeau)
Menuet II
La Poule
Les Triolets
Les Sauvages

Download here