Monday, June 8, 2009

Niklas Sivelöv on danish radio

Danish Radio have thoughtfully made available a whole series of concerts for downloading. Unfortunately, you have to navigate the website in Danish! I downloaded this concert by the Swedish Pianist Niklas Sivelöv. It includes his own "Suite in modo classico" as well as Beethoven's Op 111 sonata and the Schumann "Concert sans Orchestre". I've tagged the MP3s properly and included a nice picture of Mr Sivelöv to grace your iPod.

Sivelöv: Suite in modo classico (14:31)
Ach Värmland du sköne (Swedish Traditional) (05:27)
Schumann: Concert sans Orchestre (Grand Sonata) Op 14 (24:32)
Bach: Das Wohltemperirte Klavier II - Preludes & Fugues in C, C minor and C sharp (12:09)
Beethoven: Pianosonata Nr. 32 in C, Op 111 (23:38)

You can download the whole thing here.

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